Saturday, April 08, 2006

Sent with my warmest regards!

Mission accomplished... these were mailed out today. Cheers!

  • Mail Package #1 - 4 balls of my Jaeger Trinity to Krista (hope you'll like them)
  • Mail Package #2 - 1 pack of Noro Silk Garden #88 to Lois (good luck to your Lady Eleanor)
  • Mail Package #3 - 2 sets of Newborn Hats & Socks to Babies in Bamiyan, Afghan (made with yarn from my previous kool-aid project, pics here)

Everytime I go shopping for someone else, I ended up buying more stuffs myself... This time is no exception... when I was at Nathan Woollen shopping the Noro SG for Lois, I picked up a pack of it for myself, plus another 3 balls of #47 which will become a scarf.

And finally, thanks to all for your suggestions on my Flower Basket shawl. Based on the
formula referred by Erin, I should be able to do 3 more repeats. But I'll plan to go for 2 to be on the safe side. Will update when I'm done.

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Krista said...

Hello! Thanks for sending the yarn. Anxiously awaiting it. Be on the lookout for your package to arrive any day now.