Friday, May 26, 2006

Updating from work... ;o)

Scoop Du Jour did soften up very much after the bubble bath and I've got a better pic taken. But the bad news is -- it's really scratchy. Nice fit though but I will definitely have to wear it over a long sleeve tee.

My Clapotis scarf with just 3 balls of Noro Sik Garden #47, is finally completed so I'm in need of a new project for the bus. Verdict: A great and easy pattern. Just love it, will definitely be doing another one in full size.

So what's next? It's the Diagonal Ribs and Cables Sweater from Rebecca 28. I was in love with it the moment I see the book - my favorite Rebecca Book so far. The yarn-overs and diagonal ribs on the sides just seem like they will make the waistline narrower. Particularly helpful considering the yarn gauge. I'm going to substitute the GGH Aspen with Debbie Bliss Merino Chunky and swatching started over the weekend.

It took more than a few trials and errors before I'm set. First, I wasn't happy with the way the decreases appear. Can you imagine how lumpy it would be to do a K2Tog, PSSO on 6.0mms? I had to change them all and finally they are looking better now. And then, on second thought I decided to knit the body in the round... so that means some more ripping... it's a fast knit so the re-work doesn't bother me but the yarn don't seem to be surviving the violence very well... It's not pilling yet but started to loose some sheen and bounce after the 2nd frogging. Another thing about the DB Merino Chunky that bothers me is the yardage, coming in 55 yards per ball is a real pain... The care instructions says gently wash in 40'C and I never knew these were machine-washables -- so they just won't felt!!! I hate weaving in ends and was extremely disappointed that I couldn't join the balls by felting now. Other than that, it's coming along nicely.


joy said...

That's going to be a nice and cozy sweater! I thought DB merino was machine washable, and maybe that's why it wouldn't felt?

Siow Chin said...

You've made a good choice with that sweater!

Krista said...

I definitely have to make the Clapotis. It looks beautiful!

Mimi said...

Noro is a great choice for Clapotis! Will keep it in mind for next winter.