Friday, January 11, 2008

Happy 2008!

I hope you and your family had a wonderful holiday and that your New Year is filled with peace and joy and lots of knitting fun!

Obviously, my blogging slump was, not from a lack of knitting content to write about, but rather the opposite. I’ve just been sooooo busy and hardly had time to sit down, and when I did, I have got so much to recap so I procrastinated and then I have even more stuff the next time... Anyway, please bear with me, I shall try my best to make this long entry a less painful read for you (actually, are you still here?)

Summing up: My 2007 just flew by… and I don’t think I have been productive enough vs my stash, but knitting is supposed to be fun, and it surely was for me.

Total # of knitted item: 23. Not so bad… although most are really small knits.

And of all, this one is my absolute favorite of the year:

Sheepy Capri Pants

Yarn: Knitpicks WOTA - Dark Brown 0.6 skein (66 yards)
100purewool Merino 3-ply - Giotto 1 skein (218 yards)

Pattern: Mandie's Sheepy Pants

Needles: 4.0mm & 4.5mm

The yarn is soft as butter and super comfy!

* * * * *

And this is my last FO for 2007 and my New Year present to Ely, our grown-up niece:

Chunky Ribbed Scarf

Yarn: Bertagna Filati Flamm 100% Wool
3 balls or 165 yards in Mulberry

Needles: 12.0mm

Finished size: 4.5" x 70" (17sts wide)

* * * * *

Oh and these are yarns from the dyeing party with Ingrid. It was so much fun! I’m using some recycled DK cashmere/silk/merino from last year, and one of the pink skeins went into the dye bath first and is darker than the other two. Hmmm, I’m really not quite sure… maybe I’ll make some scarves or maybe I’ll over-dye them altogether.

Totally inspired by Ingrid’s success on over-dyeing her red sock yarn, this lot of vermilions was done after I got home…

And Ingrid gave me a cone of her bare socks yarn for Christmas and I've dyed up the first 2 skeins. Just can't wait to do more :)

Next time, I’ll be showing you my New Year projects and some new yarns too.

Till then, happy knitting everyone!


sue said...

The little pants are adorable. I like the scarf you knit for your niece too, it looks so soft and squishy. Great job on dyeing the yarns too, very pretty colors.

opportunityknits said...

The sheepy pants look nice and cozy - love her cool boots!
I can see that you have many talents - the yarn colours are so rich and gorgeous!

Krista said...

What cute little pants! And yours yarns are very beautiful!

Ingrid said...


I'm glad that you are having fun with the yarn. I love the pants too - I bet they are getting worn this week!

Mimi said...

The pants looks so comfy and cute. No wonder they are your favorite.
All that yarn dyeing looks so fun. I wish I knew how to dye too.
I am sure you will turn them into beautiful knits.

soknitpicky said...

What a gorgeous recap!

Debra said...


I wanted to let you know I am passing along the "You Make My Day" award to you. I love all of your delicate and beautiful knits. They inspire me. Thank you!

You can see my blog for more details and feel free to pass this along to others if you want.

P.S. I am dying to know how to make a grid/collage of photos like you did. Can you share any tips?

you can always email me at