Monday, February 18, 2008

2 years, and counting

Well, it has been a while, hasn't it? Rather than to bore you with my "life has been so hectic" speech, I will boil it down to this:

I missed my 2nd year blog anniversary on Jan 31. I didn't forget, but just have no time to post. It's been two wonderful years! And thank you to all for being here and sharing the fun with me. As a little token, I've finally put together my notes for the baby sweater dress and the pattern is now up for free here.

Also, thanks a bunch to Debra and Soknitpicky for the award, you have totally made my day too!

Ok, now that I have these out of the way, I can show you what I've been doing since the last time I posted...

This little scarf for Jasmine is officially the first FO for 2008. The yarn is a handspun thick & thin 30 Cashmere/70 Wool from Uruguay. It’s super plushy and soft - an absolute treat that a very kind friend got for me at a factory closeout for a price that will make you all too jealous so I’m not telling you. But I’ve got 5 huge cones of it so just let me know anytime you feel like having some.

Little Cashmere Scarf
70g of yarn and 6.5mm needles
17sts of 1x1 rib

And the cashmere goodness continues in the same color but this one is made from Mongolian yarn.

Cashmere Eyelet Vest
125g of of 4-ply cashmere/lambswool yarn held double on 5mm
My own pattern

Oh well and this last one is still for Jasmine. The yarn is Peace Fleece, and originally in this color. I was a little carried away with my acid dyeing since the partying and over-dyed it with burnt orange.

Peace Fleece Shorties

100g of Peace Fleece Worsted

I followed the Sheepy pants pattern in XL with the enclosed elastic waistband using some remnants of cashmere wool for the softness and a feather and fan leg cuff to add some interest.


sue said...

The eyelet vest is absolutely beautiful. I love the pants too, so cute and lacey. The scarf does look nice and squishy and I am sure it will look beautiful on too.

handknit168 said...

Time flies quickly. My blog is also 2 years. I love your baby knitting and they are very beautiful on your daughter.

soknitpicky said...

Thanks for the pattern and I love your new knits. That wool/cashmere yarn sure does look tempting!!

yumyumredbean said...

Great photo for the scarf, and I love your vest, so cute.

Debra said...


The vest is beautiful (as usual). I love all the beautiful items you knit for your little one.

I am in the process of knitting my first soaker. Using Curly Purly's pattern. I notice you have knit a number of them. Can you share which pattern is your favorite, since you actually use yours. You see them and how they fit. My daughter is almost 3, we're on the tail end of diapers, but I have recently decided to switch to cloth.

I'm interested in a good pants (longies) pattern and soaker. Can you recommend your favorites?


And by the way, I couldn't get the pattern to come up (of the sweater dress).

Lois said...

happy blogversary!! and many more to come.

the scarf look so soft and cozy~~

Deborah said...

trade trade trade trade trade!!!!!

JL said...

Lovely scarf to start the knit rolling....

JL said...

Lovely finishes !

Deborah said...

Love the vest!