Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Gong Hei Fat Choi!

Today is the 2nd Day of Chinese New Year and I wish all of you a wonderful year of the "Dog".

I'm a knitter in Hong Kong and here's my knitting resolution for Spring:

1) Create a knitting blog. Done!

2) Get my hands on some Knit Picks yarn. The fact that they don't ship overseas is just killing me. But I just won some Shimmer on eBay ... oh I'm so anxious to receiving them!!

3) Figure out what to do with my 700g of fine merino. Perhaps 2 sweaters, one for me and one for my baby. No clue about the pattern yet, but these are really RED (they seemed more pinkish in the pic... & how I wish they were). And what's more challenging is - these knit up to 6.5sts/inch so it's going to take me months to complete... therefore I'd better find a nice stylish pattern to make sure it worth my time.

4) Knit a sleeping grobag for my baby. I'm considering using Alabama from Interlacements. But I'm also expecting some Caron Simply Soft from a yarn swap. They are in the mail now so I will wait another week. Will usually prefer natural fibers but maybe the Carons are really soft and I'll change my mind. God knows...

5) Make a Clapotis for myself.

6) Destash all my mohair yarn - I carry my baby in her babybjorn a lot and she sneezes everytime I wear mohair so all these will have to go!

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