Thursday, August 17, 2006

I'm sorry, friends!

Sorry for this belated post and even more sorry to start this post with a vent... I'm very fed up with Blogger... couldn't get any of my pics uploaded since Sunday when I first drafted this and after several more attempts I managed to get the 3 that you see below loaded ... then it just doesn't work for me anymore... I'm giving up, maybe I should move my blog somewhere else, any recommendations welcome. In the meantime, please use the hyperlink to view the last 2 pics on Flickr. (image uploaded finally). Anyway, I hope you'll like my recent FOs as much as I enjoyed making them.

First off, is the Simply French Navy Socks.

For: My wonderful domestic helper. Thanks Loida for your great help! I hope you'll enjoy the socks.

Using: 100g of Jaeger Wool Stretch in Pacific (discontinued) and a generic 54-stitch plain stockinette sock pattern with short-rows heels

This stretchy wool yarn does make great comfy socks. I bought a bag of them initially for a sweater but they are more like 3-ply than DK so I gave up ( a really wise decision... haha). For this pair of socks, I knitted them with double strand to make sure they are toasty enough for the chilly winter nights.

* * * * *

Next up is the Blue Sky Alpacas Eyelet Baby Blanket.

For: A friend's baby girl due this November

Using: About 13oz (380g) of Interlacement Alabama Cottons in Carbon Dioxide Pastels (102P).

Finished size: 29" square

I absolutely love this pattern. It is mindless to knit and yields lovely results. I like the yarn too, nice colors, perfect for our climate and they are very easy to take care of. However, the best surprise is -- inspired by the eyelets, I transformed the blanket into a poncho shawl for a toddler with a ribbon and just love it! I'll definitely be making more!

* * * * *

And last is a pink baby dress that is almost done (except for the crochet flowers and leaves).

For: Jasmine, my 10-month old baby girl

Using: 150g of DK cottons in light pink.

This baby dress was originally from a Japanese knitting book. Siow Chin made one too, a couple of years ago. My pattern was kindly shared by a Chinese knitter, along with her idea of adding the decorative eyelet row on the skirt. My crochet flowers and leaves to embellish the neckline are missing simply because I don't know how to make them. Thanks to Siow Chin for teaching me to do the flowers at our Saturday meetup but making all the rest will certainly take me quite some time.


Eva said...

All your FOs look great ! I love the pastal rainbow colour baby blanket especislly. The little pink dress looks cute too !

handknit168 said...

I also have experienced that when uploading pictures in blogspot. I will just leave it and upload later. I will keep using blogspot for this happen hasn't brother me a lot. And I don't want to set up everything in other web. It is very time consuming. All the baby stuff is so cute and pretty.

marjorie said...

now you make me think about making a blanket for my friend's baby due in Oct and in Dec. Very creative of you to think about the poncho.

Siow Chin said...

I love the poncho with all those ruffles! Really smart idea.

opportunityknits said...

The blanket/poncho and dress are so adorable.
Yes, sometimes the photos just don't load for me too.

Krista said...

What lovely ruffles on that blanket! The color of that yarn is beautiful. It's hard to find nice knitted girl's dresses I think. The pink one is wonderful!

Mimi said...

The little poncho is lovely and it's border is so pretty!
You are so lucky to find those yarns! I just came back from Shanghai but could only find HengYuanXian yarn.

Peggy said...

The baby blanket looks very adorable! I have had problems with posting pictures on blogger too. Eventually I just gave up. To solve this, I opened a Flickr account (it's free) and uploaded the pictures there. There's a function to copy & paste the script linking the picture from your blog.