Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Sweet Surprise

Jasmine needed some warm socks and I've an orphan skein of fingering lambswool which is really soft and bouncy but the neony pink shade is tacky … so I did an “express” over-dyeing while she took her afternoon nap on Christmas day. This is also my first experiment with the acid dyes that has been sitting around for months…The dyes are as easy to use as the koolaids, the colors seemed more intense without the unpleasant scent and I'm loving it. I know I should have but I was too lazy to pull out my electronic scale and measuring jug… So with some unknown amounts and varied dilutions of olive green and vermillion, plus a moment in the microwave oven --- now look what I've got in just 11 minutes. I'm quite encouraged with the results, now perhaps I'd dig into my stash for some more makeovers.


Krista said...

Oh, it's lovely! Great job in 11 minutes!

mindy said...

That's yummy colorway. Hope you're enjoying the holidays.

sue said...

What a lovely quick way to dye yarn. Love the colors, and your swatches for the smock jacket are both nice, although the bottom one is probably more wash and wear than the top one, but then you do not need to concentrate as much on the bottom one as well.