Tuesday, June 05, 2007

A bit of everything

First of all, Don and I thank you all for your lovely words on our anniversary. May has been one of the most frantic but prolific month of my year. Aside from my busy-as-usual work schedule, I took a short break and brought Jasmine to sunny Singapore to see grandma and grandpa and many of her uncles and aunties.

In additions to family gatherings during those few days, we squeezed in a playgroup session at Kindermusik, had some good fun at the pool, did some shoppings and I also got to meet up with Erin and Lois for very enjoyable laughter-filled afternoon, well into the evening. Thank you, gals!

I even managed some knitting on her baby AJ while Jasmine catches up on her magazines at Starbucks. It's such a fun trip and I really hope to do that again soon.

Well. and in between all these, I also went through a series of interviews, reference/background checks and negotiations and ended up with a new job offer from an UK firm. And June started with me being in a dilemma over whether or not to switch jobs... my final decision is to stay put but that's another story for another day. Let's get back to the knitty bits now....

On finishing up - I'm all done with knitting for both the baby Apricot Jacket and my Claude... good thing I've already got all the buttons picked out so these will be wearables as soon as seamed. I also bought some silky fabric as linings for Claude but we'll see how drapey it gets before doing that.

Turning over a new leaf- As you may have noticed, a few previous WIP has made their way to the frog pond. Trellis is a must "rip", the yarn choice is just not right, it's not only too thick but rather stiffly too... and I even did the left twists wrongly on both the back and left front. My Jaywalker in Regia Silk has lost its charm but half a sock is an easy decision compared to my half-done adult-sized Apricot Jacket, my gauge is actually tighter than desired but I just failed to face it any earlier... Last of all, the only one project that I might be able to salvage is the Diagonal Ribs and Cables sweater, which turned out too short for me. I'm thinking my helper Loida, who's really petite and this might fit her just right.

The old and new - I'm back on my CTH Oak Ribbed Socks and started Jawbreaker from Interweave Winter '06 with some Araucania Patagonia nature cotton, both in Red for the June/July Project Spectrum. And I'm also slowly getting things updated onto my Ravelry, it's super cool and fun and absolutely addictive... I'm sure you've already heard about it all.

Up and coming - My first hank of Handmaiden Seasilk has arrived and now waiting in queue for the perfect scarf/shawl pattern... And I'm still deciding on my sockapalooza socks but that will certainly be my next pair.

Finally, happy WWKIP day and have a good weekend, everyone!


Jennie said...

Jasmine is just too cute!

Peggy said...

It looks like Jasmine knit the sweater in the pic!

sue said...

Oh how cute that Jasmine sits and reads whilst you knit. Pity that so many projects have to be frogged, but at least you can knit something out of them that you will wear. At least one person will be a happy recipient of your knitted sweater too if it doesnt fit you. I hope you have a wonderful WWKIP day too.

Krista said...

Thanks for all the updates! I've been wanting to try that seasilk! There is a scarf pattern in the summer IK. I was going to try it but I haven't found the color of seasilk that I want. What color did you get?

opportunityknits said...

You've been busy, look forward to seeing Claude!

Mimi said...

I hope you will find soon a better pattern for your frogged yarn. I have the hardest time frogging my pile of UFOs. I like to use the ball winder to make the used yarn look as if they were new.

Lois said...

hope u dun get too busy to fly down again. hope to meet Jasmine next time wearing the AJ. :)

Art & Disorder said...

Hello!very,very good kniting,wonderful!