Sunday, January 14, 2007

2006 Wrapup and New Initiatives

Well, I finally crossed my fingers and jumped over to the new blogger. The upgrade is, quite frankly, smoother and easier than I thought. I have also reorganized my sidebar for a cleaner look and made a finished object gallery at long last.

Going back to the knitting, let us begin with the wrapup for 2006. The final FO count is 22. Almost half are baby things. My fave is this
pretty baby dress, and this one is undoubtfully the most worn item.

Below, are some recently finished baby socks.

On left is the Sweet Surprise socks knitted with yarn from my acid dye trial. The socks turned out pretty ok except for being slightly huge… but honestly I’ve never ripped a pair of socks that many times before even getting it right…. so I’ll bear with it. On upper right is a pair of Two-toned socks from Debbie Bliss Simply Baby, made with DB Baby Cashmerino in Lilac. The contrasting color is made by overdyeing 10g of the lilac with vermillion. On lower right is the warmest and best fitted pair, made with an Angora blend and reinforced with stretchy nylon.

The Works In Progress that are accompanying me into the New Year are a Cabled Sweater (shown above) and an out-of-sight, out-of-mind Apricot Jacket. And I have also cast on a new pair of socks for my bus trips, with some Regia Silk in Roma from Jimmy Beans... the colors didn’t worked out exactly how I've envisaged… and I finally turned to try the Jaywalker. What an ingenious pattern! These lusciously soft socks are now turning out well and growing at a good pace.

And here's a list of my future cast ons:


Krista said...

I love the look of your husband's cardgian. I want to knit more cables this year! And socks are the best, aren't they?

Krista said...

I mean, sweater, not cardigan. Sorry. Still love it!

Siow Chin said...

Love those little socks. I'm so tended to knit some myself for my little one.

joy said...

What cute little socks! That vermillion is turning out to be a very useful color, isn't it? :-)

opportunityknits said...

The kiddie socks are so cute. I must knit more socks this year.

handknit168 said...

I also migrate to the new beta version, and it is good that we can label our post by category. I also label all my posts and reclassify them at the sidebar, but I can't show the count number. I would like to know by how u can do that at your gallery - the count # under each category, please advise.

Mimi said...

Cute socks! An I like how you displayed with the strw/bamboo background! ;)